A downloadable rare rpg

Guide a young man through his first day in Bright City – a bustling island paradise with a horrible secret. Find a new job, make new friends, and attempt to solve a mystery revolving around a ludicrous gang and a fanatical cult.

In this RPG, you defeat enemies in turn-based battles by completing minigames unique to the foe you're facing. These minigames are made up of a variety of challenges, including rhythm games, shoot-em'-ups, memory puzzles, and quick-time events.

✂️ Important Information ✂️

Knuckle Sandwich is still being worked on. You can keep up with the development by following the game's Twitter account or by joining the Discord server.

The demo that was hosted here has been removed as it is very out of date when compared to the final version of the game. It is currently not available to download.

Development log